Phoebe and Eleanor’s TWOWEEKS update from South Africa

November 2, 2013 § Leave a comment


Our wonderful volunteers have been busy in South Africa and sending us updates when they can via email and text. The photos are all from previous trips to Lily in South Africa but we’ll be posting new photos soon.




We thought we would write you an email to let you know our progress and give you a couple of tips to help make things a little easier when you get here!

We have been doing a range of things and as we expected there is a lot to do here. We spent some time at the Lily clinic doing health checks on the Lily children as Dr Volker was away and we also saw some community patients, which is very different to being a GP at home in the UK! We have also been doing health checks on the children at Sankontshe School. Flexibility is key. You often end up doing things you hadn’t planned for!

For the health checks, a translator is essential as the children are too young to be able to speak good English. Staff in the clinic have been helping with this duty but it needs to be arranged daily and be aware this can sometimes be difficult as by coming with us they do not have time to do their usual daily duties.

The school bus goes from the village at 6.30am which we have taken but unfortunately the interpreters were unable to get to Lily for this time so sometimes we had to get a lift, however we always got the school bus home which is great fun.
We (Phoebe and Eleanor) will be going to Makaphutu today and staying for the remainder of the time we are here. We are sad to leave Lily as it has been such an amazing experience and we have already become very fond of lots of the children, but we are excited to take on a new challenge at Makaphutu.

On a side note there is a lot to do at the weekend (although not medical)! We have been holding sessions for the kids and also assisting Helen with her budgeting exercise with the teens. All the kids love one to one attention so reading, playing on the trampoline or even a chat is very appreciated and beneficial to the children.


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