Jess’ update from South Africa

November 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

Our wonderful volunteers have been busy in South Africa and sending us updates when they can via email and text. The photos are all from previous trips to Lily in South Africa but we’ll be posting new photos soon.


Collected Dav from the airport and she’s fine. I hired a little car (surprising how it manages the dirt tracks!) It’s been essential, just for more freedom. Last week we did school checks mainly. This week we’ve reviewed the Lily children and a couple of community cases, we’ve undertaken smear for house mums and helped out at the 1000 Hills clinic as they were short on two doctors and very appreciative for the help. Next week we’re doing health talks with the mums at Makaphutu and school health checks. So a lot of work to be done!

1000 Hills clinic is great and very busy so we saw a lot of patients. Kirsty, the GP, only works there on a Thursday so they would love doctors being there more frequently. They loved Ellie and Emma and were sad to see them go so I think it’s a really great place for volunteers to go.

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