TWOWEEKS 2012 Fundraising Event: Three Peaks

February 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hi my name is Sarah and I am a pharmacist who visited Lily of the Valley in April 2011. During my trip I fell in love with the kids, the country and the amazing work that TWOWEEKS does.  On returning, myself and my fellow pharmacists decided that we wanted to organise a fundraiser for the Lily project.  Before volunteering with TWOWEEKS we had climbed Killimanjaro in Tanzania so decided that we would stick with the mountain theme….thus Three Peaks.

Three Peaks challenge not only involves climbing the highest peak in England (Scafell Pike), Wales (Snowdon) and Scotland (Ben Nevis) but doing this in a mere 24 hours. You can find out more about the challenge here.

This challenge will not only be an amazing achievement but will raise money for TWOWEEKS.  This money will go towards building our TWOWEEKS house at Lily of the Valley in Mophela enabling more volunteers the opportunity to offer their skills with the added possibility of a medical elective programme being initiated in the near future. This medical elective programme is something that we at TWOWEEKS are very excited about as it will mean a constant medical presence at the Lily clinic and the elective students will hopefully bring some money to Lily which will be used to improve the level of care offered at the clinic.  Rather than collecting money off people we will be setting up a Virgin Money Giving page enabling donors to pledge money online. Details of this will follow.

Someone has kindly agreed to provide us with a minibus so now all we need is 2-3 designated drivers who are not competing and some willing volunteers.  The provisional date for the challenge has been set for June 30 2011 and we will endeavour to organise a training weekend although being such a potentially large group all of us with busy lives people will need to organise their own training and ensure that come June they feel they are fit enough.  We won’t be asking for people to commit until March for the time being we are just seeing who is interested.

For the time being I would recommend having a look at the website if you’re interested and begin some light cardio training such as walking, jogging, cross trainer etc. If you have not yet expressed interest then please drop me an email (below) so I can add you to my mailing list and then you will receive the regular newsletters. We are hoping to find some people that have completed this challenge to come along to a meeting one night so if you know anyone that’s done it and wouldn’t mind giving up an evening to share their wisdom and top tips then let me know.

Happy training!



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