Trip Update to Lily of the Valley in August 2011

February 14, 2012 § 1 Comment

We arrived on Sunday the 14th of August in a very sunny Cape Town. After a two-hour stop we boarded a plane to Durban. We had a 30-minute stop in a grey Port Elisabeth and we landed in a wet and very cold Durban. Jumpers, fleece and winter gear were needed. It was great to see old friends. The kids are older, taller and more cheeky and the new arrival baby Rhain was only one week old.

On day one Natasha, a school nurse with a past A&E background, and I were in the clinic. It was a quiet day with less than 20 people. We had meetings in the afternoon with the management of the children’s village as Natasha had the exciting task of initiating sexual health/sex education workshops in Lily. The meetings were very positive and at times challenging as Lily is a Christian orphanage.

We went into the township to see those not well enough to attend the clinic and although I have been here six times now, the poverty still strikes me – especially that in this day and age we still have no running water, no electricity and heating in a lot of the houses! But as always the people of Mophela and Sankonthse take it into their stride and are always welcoming to us.

The sex education and sexual health workshops were very positive and well received by our kids. A lot of questions were asked and we will be doing the same for the Lily Primary School staff and on Friday we were in the local Secondary School called Gabi Gabi to talk to their teenagers. HIV and AIDS and teenage pregnancies are very high here and we want to inform the teenagers to be careful, use protection and to be aware of the STDs around.

The weekends were really relaxing. One weekend we woke up early in the morning to go for a drive in the game reserve Tala, our neighbour. We managed to see all the animals; giraffes, hippos, rhinos, ostriches, zebras, wildebeest, and kuddus were all waiting for us. The beach in Durban, Umhlanga Rocks, was a lovely place to chillax in the afternoon. Afterwards some shopping in a big shopping mall in Durban and then the next day the bright and warm African sun was out and we spent time with some of the other volunteers on a hill in the gardens watching the wildlife in Bushwood Villa, on the border of Lily and Tala.

The work was varied. One day someone was unwell and for a minute I was back in my A&E years. The patient needed IV fluids (a drip) and hospitalisation. Because of illness the nurse practitioner was off and Tash and I were manning the entire clinic. We had seen 20+ patients until that point and we never knew what would be coming our way.

These trips always make me look at life differently. You appreciate what you have even more and it also makes me realise that the work of TWOWEEKS has been incredible. We have been coming to this place for 5-6 years now and people know us, welcome us and the work and look how we have grown.

Words by Patricia Rijsenburg

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§ One Response to Trip Update to Lily of the Valley in August 2011

  • Themba Mjoli says:

    Hi. I did read Patricia’s report and its always humbling to see people from so far away giving /actually sacrificing their hard earned experience and time for the benefit of our people. Keep up the good work! How can I be of help? Are you coming back this year? If you do tell me in good time so I arrange for one of the President’s committed charitable wives to meet you.


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