TWOWEEKS May/June Trip to SKIP in Peru

January 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Our trip to Peru occurred in May/June. A volunteer who had previously worked with us, visited a project called SKIP in Peru and told them about TWOWEEKS. From here some emails and phone calls were exchanged and we finally visited SKIP in May. Their aim is to build a clinic and develop a health program for the children and families they work with.

SKIP is a charity that provides education for children in one of the poorest districts of Peru called El Povenir in Trujillo. They are
situated on the outskirts of the city which is a mountainous and desert region, and poverty there reaches new levels when experienced. Education in Peru is not free and so the poor are always the ones to suffer and find it hard to get themselves out of their situation. SKIP aims to relieve and fight this imbalance and also provides microloans to families and initiatives to help improve and develop each families’situation economically. All really good stuff and on our trip there we reviewed their facilities, assessed the incidence of certain diseases and also met with local clinicians and visited clinics to establish links for the clinic
and program we are developing. Aisha, our non medical volunteer also came with us to review what other volunteers could do and it seems there is a lot, though speaking Spanish was the only stumbling block for us all. But it was a really good trip and we got a
lot done in the two weeks we were there, also stopping off at Machu Pichu to watch the sun rise over the site – which was spectacular.

We plan to do a further trip later this year.

Words and images by Karen Patten

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