TWOWEEKS August Trip to Lily of the Valley Orphanage in South Africa

January 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

August heralded a further trip to Lily comprising of Patricia (trustee and doctor) and Natasha (a nurse). They had aimed to assist with the clinic at Lily, but it turned out that they did more than assist as the doctor that usually runs the clinic at Lily and the nurse practitioner both became unwell just after Patricia arrived. She therefore ended up running the clinic singlehandedly, bless her. She was so busy seeing patients and from all reports, did an excellent job.

Natasha assisted in the clinic, but also did some sex education with the older children at Lily. Now in the past, Lily, being a Christian organisation, taught abstinence regarding this sensitive matter. However, we had been saying that whilst this is a good idea in some respects, it is not realistic in others and now that our children are living longer and getting older, it is important to address this situation as a number of them have HIV & AIDS. Well, it took a few years, but Lily finally agreed and 2011 was our first year with ‘Sex Ed’ and it went down a storm. In fact, news of Natasha’s work shops spread and she ended up going to a local school in the township and another orphanage linked to Lily called Makaphutu. On my return in November, people were still asking after her and whether she could come back and talk to their children or students. It nearly got to the stage that I was
taking bookings – I was so proud.

But again, that was not where her dedication and passion ended. Natasha came back to the UK and realising that a lot of the older girls were without bras (due to underwear being a luxury there), she is now in the process of setting up a charity to provide bras (and pants) to the older girls at Lily and perhaps one day, the ladies in the township as well. Again – fantastic!!! So once again, even thought someone was present at the project for only two weeks, they have gone on to do other things and continue the work they started. Natasha is hoping to return to Lily in 2012.


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